Sent: 12/24/09

Seasons Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

In this email:
Happy Holidays!
Inventory Clearance Sale

Both Stores: Closed Friday, December 25 and Friday, January 1
Bethlehem: Closed Sunday, Jan 3 for Inventory
Montgomeryville: Closed Tuesday, Jan 5 for Inventory

We at Keystone wish everyone a happy holiday season and hope that you all make New Year’s resolutions to brew much more beer and wine!

Shhhhhhh! We are having a sale (a really good sale!) and it is ONLY FOR OUR EMAIL CUSTOMERS. Here is the deal… we hate to count, and soon we will be closed and counting everything in each store (see the dates above). So in order to reduce our workload, we are going to reduce our inventory by having a sale! First off, we will be offering a 10% discount off everything in the store for anyone who brings a contribution as described below. Even better, you will qualify for an additional 5% off IF YOU PAY IN CASH.* YOU MUST BRING A FOOD ITEM OR A CONTRIBUTION TO QUALIFY FOR THIS SALE This will be our fourth annual sale benefiting local food drives. All you have to do is bring one or more non-perishable, non-breakable (no glass) food items to the store or bring a check made out to one of the listed organizations below. Food contributions at Keystone Montgomeryville will benefit Manna on Main Street ( Food contributions in Bethlehem will benefit the West Bethlehem Food Bank which is located in the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 514 3rd Avenue, Bethlehem, PA. Both of these organizations aim to provide food and support services to needy members of the community. Both organizations are recognized, tax-deductible organizations under IRS code 501 (c) (3). Remember that other people in our store may not know about the sale, so keep it quiet! This sale will only be for Keystone Homebrew Supply customers who get our emails. Here are the restrictions –

1. The sale is for in-stock items only. It may not be applied to deposits or the purchase of gift certificates.
2. You cannot combine this discount with any of our coupons or any other offers or discounts.
3. The sale is not retroactive to previous purchases.
4. You may forward this email to other people but they must give us a valid email address to get the discount.
5. In order to qualify for the extra 5% discount, you must pay in actual CASH. See below for details. The sale will be in effect during our regular business hours from Saturday, December 26, until Wednesday, December 30, and on Thursday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve) until we close at 4PM.

*CASH IS GREEN. Cash is issued by our government. It is either greenish papery stuff depicting dead presidents, or little round things that responsible citizens often put into parking meters. Everything else (debit cards, gift certificates, personal checks, IOUs, family heirlooms, prize farm animals, etc.) fails to qualify for the bonus discount. Sorry!

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
Proud Sponsor of the Philly Beer Geek Competition