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Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

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Cheesemaking classes
The Next Step Brewing Class in Bethlehem
Snow, and lots of it
The War of the Worts XV

Bethlehem: Tuesday, February 9, 6:30 PM at the Sun Inn
Montgomeryville: Wednesday, February 10, 7:00 PM at Studio M Foods
There’s still time to secure a spot in one of our Basic Cheesemaking classes next week. In this 2-hour class, you’ll learn how easy it is to make great-tasting fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta, and other soft cheeses starting with your very first batch. The class will include live demonstrations and delicious samples of both fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta, and will examine the differences between cheeses made using fresh, local raw milk versus pasteurized milk. The class costs $60 per person, and space is very limited, so call us with payment information to reserve a spot now!

Bethlehem: Tuesday, February 16, 7:00 PM at the Sun Inn If you’ve brewed one or more extract batches, and would like to start using specialty grains and fresh hops to improve the quality of your beer, this class will help you take that .next step.. You’ll learn the skills necessary to brew Keystone box ingredient kits and a wide range of other beer recipes, and you can even start creating your own recipes! The class is limited to 12 people, and the cost will be $40 per person; payment is required in advance. Call or stop by our Bethlehem store to sign up.

We’re not ones to let a few snowflakes dictate our plans (unless they’re skiing plans), so you can expect Keystone Homebrew to be open tonight and through the weekend. We intend to be here to supply whatever you need for your brewing and winemaking operations while you’re at home .stranded. by the storm. Depending on the severity of the smackdown that Mother Nature delivers, though, we may not be able to open at 10:00 AM as usual, so please call our store before you trek in!

We’ve received a mad rush of War of the Worts entries from heady brewers looking to avoid the storm. There’s still time to get your entries in! As this email is being sent, Montgomeryville roads are still clear, and we’re open until 9:00 PM. If you can’t make it tonight, we will continue to accept entries until 5:00 PM this Sunday, February 7. The War is only about 2 weeks away, and we still need BJCP-certified judges to help us evaluate all those tasty beers. If you’re certified, sign up online:

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
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