Sent: 8/14/10

Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

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Fresh Peach Cider
Malt Madness
Keystone Hops Meeting
Base Grains: Limited Time Offer

Preorder Only: Deadline Monday, 8/16
We are trying a new product from our friends at DelVal College: peach cider. The preliminary samples of this unique beverage were refreshing and light with a specific gravity of 1.036. Because it is a new product for both them and us, we can’t offer any suggestions based on experience, but here are some ideas to get you going. You can make it just as you would make apple cider, combine it with honey to make peach mead, add sugar to make peach wine, or even substitute it for water in a beer recipe. The peak season for peaches is upon us, so we have to move quickly. The deadline to order is this Monday, August 16. The peach cider should arrive in Montgomeryville on Friday, August 20 and in Bethlehem on Saturday, August 21. Supplies will be limited so orders will be filled as they are taken. Orders over 6 gallons will require a full deposit. Introductory pricing for fresh peach cider will be $8.00 per gallon. Please call one of our stores to preorder.

We will be accepting Malt Madess entries at each of our stores starting tomorrow (Saturday, 8/14), through Thursday, 8/26. Get your best beers bottled and entered – fame, fortune and the Keystone Cup are at stake! Be sure to include your club affiliation on your entry form. The entry fee is $6 for the first entry and $5 for each additional entry. BJCP-certified judges are encouraged to sign up to help judge the competition. Visit the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers’ website for competition rules, entry forms, an online registration form for judges, and more.

Montgomeryville: Thursday, August 19, 7:00PM
Come one, come all – there is no cover charge and no brewing experience necessary! All you need is a love of good beer and an interest in homebrewing. The Keystone Hops is an informal club, and focuses mainly on sharing homebrews, feedback and good company. Brewers take note: this meeting is a perfect opportunity for you to drop off your Malt Madness entries (see above).

We strive to offer the greatest selection of quality brewing ingredients that we possibly can. We stock a huge selection of specialty grains, hop varieties, yeast strains (including both Wyeast and White Labs), spices, flavorings, malt extracts and more. With space here at a premium, though, we know that our all-grain brewing customers would appreciate even more choices of base grains. So between now and Friday, August 20, we will be making a limited time offer for all of you all-grain brewers to pre-order from a amazing selection of more than 45 different base malts. Take advantage of this special, one-time only offer, with special prices at 20% off retail! (Sales prices are listed below alongside full retail prices.) Don’t miss out; these grains will be available by PRE-ORDER ONLY, and only by calling or stopping by one of stores by August 20. A deposit of $20 per bag will be required to secure your order.

Maris Otter: $79.95 SALE $63.96
Pale: $67.95 SALE $54.36
Pilsner: $65.95 SALE $52.76
Vienna: $67.95 SALE $54.36

Pilsen: $63.95 SALE $51.16
Pale Wheat: $64.95 (1-2L) SALE $51.96
Dark Wheat: $69.95 (5-8L) SALE $55.96
Vienna: $64.95 SALE $51.96
Light Munich: $64.95 (6-8L) SALE $51.96
Dark Munich: $65.95 (9-12L) SALE $52.76

Superior Pilsen: $54.95 SALE $43.96
2-Row: $53.95 SALE $43.16
6-Row: $53.95 SALE $43.16
Pale Ale Malt: $54.95 SALE $43.96
Wheat Malt: $59.95 SALE $47.96
Munich: $59.95 SALE $47.96
Rye Malt: $59.95 SALE $47.96

Maris Otter $84.95 SALE $67.96
Golden Promise $84.95 SALE $67.96
Halcyon $77.95 SALE $62.36
Optic $77.95 SALE $62.36
Pearl $77.95 SALE $62.36
Lager Malt $77.95 SALE $62.36
Amber $87.95 SALE $70.36
Brown $87.95 SALE $70.36
Oat Malt $83.95 SALE $67.16
Rye Malt $83.95 SALE $67.16

Pilsen $64.95 SALE $51.96
Pale Ale $64.95 SALE $51.96
Wheat $64.95 SALE $51.96
Vienna $65.95 SALE $52.76
Munich $65.95 (6-8L) SALE $52.76
Dark Munich $66.95 (11-17L) SALE $53.56

Pilsen $78.95 SALE $63.16
Pale Ale Malt $76.95 SALE $61.56
ESB Pale $78.95 SALE $63.16
Light Munich $83.95 (9.5-10.5L) SALE $67.16
Dark Munich $83.95 (30-35L) SALE $67.16
Oranic Pilsen $96.95 SALE $77.56
Organic Pale Ale Malt: $94.95 SALE $75.96
Organic Light Munich: $101.95 SALE $81.56
Organic Wheat $101.95 SALE $81.56

Vienna $71.95 SALE $57.56
Organic Pilsner $89.95 SALE $71.96
Organic Munich $93.95 SALE $75.16

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
Proud Sponsor of the Philly Beer Geek Competition