From Blichmann Engineering

Hop Rocket:
This is the most innovative, versatile, hop infusing tool we’ve ever seen. It will serve as a hopback (and an in-line filter) on brew day, and later it can double as an in-line hop infuser (Randalizer) for your draft system. It will hold up to 4 oz of whole hops in a  fully enclosed heavy-duty system with no spill risk (operates up to 40 PSI!). $119.99

Hop Blocker: Have you ever been on the verge of insanity trying to filter pellet hops from your wort? This revolutionary boil kettle filtration system just might change your life. The stainless steel Hop Blocker will filter 90-95% of the hops and break material from your wort, and it is virtually impervious to plugging! It was designed specifically for Blichmann’s own BoilerMaker pots, but it can be installed in any manufacturer’s pot or keg. Instructions are included. $59.99

AutoSparge: This is the only sparging system that really never requires babysitting! As you change the sparge rate into your boil kettle, the AutoSparge automatically adjusts your hot liquor flow to keep a constant level in your tun. It works equally well with gravity systems or pumps, and distributes the hot liquor on top of the wort to reduce channeling and improve efficiency. The AutoSparge can be installed on any pot over 12” in diameter. $49.95