Sent: 10/2/10

Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

Hard Cider Lovers Rejoice!

New this year for Keystone Homebrew is a supply of authentic English Style Apple Cider from Poverty Hill Orchards in New Hampshire, who produce Farnum Hill Ciders. I recently had the chance to meet with Stephen Wood, the mastermind behind Farnum Hill hard ciders. Stephen has devoted his life to the production of great ciders, and particularly to the rebirth of authentic cider apples for US cider production. Based on the samples of hard cider he shared with me, the results are fantastic. After some convincing he has agreed to supply us with some of his fresh cider, which is virtually impossible to get, so that you can produce your own English style hard cider at home. Sold in 5 gallon pails, the cider will be personally formulated by Stephen (the exact blend will be available for your records) and will included detailed suggestions for home production.

We will receive two shipments from Poverty Lane Orchards, one toward the end of October and one in the middle of November. Supplies are severely limited this year. Each 5 gallon bucket is $59.95, The October cider needs to be ordered ASAP (our deadline has already passed, but we can still get more) and the November cider by October 29. You can order by phone or online; the Poverty Hill ciders are at the bottom of the online order form:

We are bringing back our favorite DelVal ciders from last year, plus some new custom blends, all available in one gallon jugs. Mix and match your favorites or try something completely different. Call either store or order online:

Below are the scheduled arrival dates for this year’s DelVal cider (the order deadlines are 8 days before each arrival date, except as marked):
October 22: Pear Blend
October 22: Cortland & Macintosh Apple Blend
November 5: Granny Smith Single Varietal Apple
November 5: Rome & Gala Apple Blend
November 19: Thanksgiving Blend
November 19: Winesap Single Varietal Apple
December 3: Winesap & Granny Smith Apple Blend (Order Deadline: November 23)
December 3: Heirloom Apple Blend (Order Deadline: November 23)
December 17: Holiday Blend

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
Proud Sponsor of the Philly Beer Geek Competition