Sent: 10/4/10

Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

It’s time! Winexpert has revealed its 2010 lineup of Limited Edition wine kits and we are now taking orders. For the uninitiated, every year Winexpert seeks out new and exciting high quality grapes from all over the world. These grapes may be available in small quantities only (as the best grapes often are), and therefore would normally be unavailable to you, the home winemaker. That’s where the Limited Edition program comes in: it’s your one-time opportunity to make some extraordinary wines!

We are now taking orders for the Limited Edition kits, which will be available in 2011 as indicated for each kit at the end of this email. If you preorder multiple kits, you will receive a discount as follows: Order 2 Kits: Save $3 on Each
Order 3 Kits: Save $5 on Each
Order 4 Kits: Save $8 on Each
Order 5 or More: Save $10 on Each!

For purposes of determining your discount, we will combine your Winexpert order with your upcoming order for RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantity kits (same idea, different brand), which are yet to be announced. The deadline to preorder Winexpert kits is Saturday, December 11. After that date, we may be able to take your order (while supplies last) but the volume discount will not be available. Order by phone or online:

This year’s lineup looks outstanding, with some familiar varietals, some rare gems – and something for everyone!

Australian Shiraz/Viognier (Arrives in January 2011) $137.95
Blending red and white grapes brings lush balance to this lively, deep garnet wine. Aromas of ripe berries and violets from the Shiraz; stone fruit from the Viognier. Hint of orange blossom, followed by toast and smokiness. Soft and velvety, with surprising complexity.

Pacifica White (Arrives in January 2011) $132.95
Bright fruit, excellent structure and a long layered finish with just a hint of sweetness. Complex pear and honey notes, grapefruit, fig, peach, and traces of other fruits mellow into spicy, honey, butterscotch and hazelnut flavors.

Italian Primitivo (Arrives in February 2011) $137.95
Deeply colored, rich and concentrated, exuding aromas of blackberry, plums, tobacco, prunes and red cherries, with the Italian signature of firm tannins and a long, gripping finish with notes of vanilla and toast. Good acidity makes Primitivo an excellent accompaniment with food.

Austrian Grüner Veltliner (Arrives in March 2011) $132.95
Stunningly intense and concentrated, yet delicate. Astonishingly complex and full of citrus and exotic tropical fruits, in addition to a pronounced white pepper character. May also show herbed aromas of fresh green beans or asparagus. Dry finish.

Portuguese Douro Red (Arrives in April 2011) $137.95
Intensely aromatic and powerful. Black fruits such as cassis along with mulberry and raspberry are complemented by plums and tobacco, followed by the resinous aromas of violets and rockrose. High tannin, good acidity, excellent ageing potential.

Keep an eye out for an email later this week describing all of the RJ Spagnols 2010 Restricted Quantity wine kits. And don’t forget, the more kits you order, the more you save!

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
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