If you are desperately searching for a “reflux” capacitor to power your DeLorean, the Turbo 500 from Still Spirits may be the perfect aftermarket product. This unit comes with these notable features:

1. Temperature probes at the top of the column and reflux outlet provide precise feedback and superb control over purity, strength, and flavor.
2. Brushed Stainless Boiler with attached lid clamps rather than a separate clamping ring.
3. Spigot. Emptying after use no longer requires pouring steaming hot liquid out of an equally hot container.
4. It looks absolutely incredible. The Turbo 500 is the greatest thing since time travel itself. Take it from Doc Brown, who was quoted as saying: “Great Scott! The Turbo 500 can produce purified water and provide an alternative fuel source for my DeLorean!” $575 More information at www.stillspirits.com.