We would like to thank all the Brewers who competed in this years Brewers Brawl Keg Only competition at the Lansdale Beer Festival this past Saturday (06/25/2011). It was a gorgeous day, the diversity and the quality of the beers present were great and the bands were jamming all day. The crowd swelled to over two thousand attendees and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Hundreds of the festival attendees participated in the judging of the keg only competition. Anyone who was interested was given 10 voting tickets to award as they saw fit to any of the 16 participating brewers ballot box. The judging commenced around 1 PM and we collected the boxes for tallying at 3:30 PM. By 4 PM we had the winners! Placing first by a landslide was Adam Mort from Lansdale (he did seem to know half the crowd personally). He won with an American Amber Ale infused with homegrown cascade hops. The second place winner, Thomas Lambeth, had a real crowd pleaser, another American amber – this one infused with Root Beer candies. The third place beer which had 129 votes was a Dark Belgian strong by Wardell Massey, just beating out Nate Panek’s American Pale Ale (128 votes) and Christopher Hamm’s Extra Special Bitter (127 votes). Each of the winning brewers received a medal from the Lansdale Beerfest and a Keystone Homebrew gift certificate.

We would like to thank all 16 brewers, whose beers were all excellent, for participating in this year’s Brewers Brawl. Based on the immediate feedback from brewers, judges, and festival organizers, look for the return of the Brewers Brawl at the 2012 Lansdale Beer Tasting Festival!