We are very excited to announce that this fall we will be bringing in some amazing grapes from Chianti, Italy. These are certified organic grapes, carefully selected by a commercially certified enologist, and they are used by commercial wineries in Chianti to make DOCG wines. DOCG means that they have to follow strict rules governing growth and production, and the wines have to pass an official taste test to guarantee quality. DOCG is the pinacle of Italian winemaking, the highest quality designation given to Italian wines.

These superior wine grapes are picked, destemmed and rapidly frozen using a proprietary process to lock in the delicate aromatic properties, then shipped frozen to preserve the grapes in a “just picked” state. We expext the grapes to arrive in November. Keystone Homebrew Supply is the exclusive distributor of these grapes (wholesale inquiries are welcome).

Sangiovese: the most widely planted red grape in Italy, and the primary grape in Chianti and most Super Tuscans
Trebbiano: white grape used in small quanities in traditional Chianti blends
Colorino: dark red grape enhances color in traditional Chianti blends
Cabernet Sauvignon: blended with Sangiovese to produce Super Tuscans with power and depth
Merlot: used in many Super Tuscan blends, adding complexity and soft tannins

You can visit our order page to learn more and to reserve your grapes online, or call either of our stores.