Tuesday, October 18 (tomorrow) at 6:30PM
Robert Peters and Rich Unti, veteran wine instructors from the Main Line and, are offering a follow-up to their terrific wine appreciation class in the Spring. Robert is a great teacher, and is recognized locally (by Best of Philly, etc.) as one of the leading authorities on wine. If you don’t want to be lost in front of a sea of confusing labels at the state store, all of Robert’s classes will help you to become a much more educated consumer. This one will focus on Italian wines, and will include a tutored tasting of some of the best kinds of wine that Italy has to offer. $50 per student, includes wine and light refreshments. Only 10 spots left!

Montgomeryville: Sunday, October 23, 10:00AM
This class will demonstrate how to make feta, chevre, and other traditional goat cheeses using raw goat’s milk and a starter culture. Next week we will be taking pre-orders for goat’s milk (optional) from M&B Farview Farm, which will be available for pickup the day of the class. This class costs $65 per person and lasts about 3½ hours.

Montgomeryville: Saturday, November 5, 11:00AM
This Advanced Techniques class will provide an in-depth look at the special considerations, equipment, and techniques that are key to brewing great
lagers. Lagers represent the vast majority of beer that is consumed throughout the world, but they are less commonly brewed at home because
of the unique challenges they present. This class will demystify the lagering process for you, thanks to expert instruction by Dave Grosch. Dave has
won numerous first place awards (including Best of Show) for his lagers in regional homebrew contests, and is the reigning Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year. $60 per peron, includes lunch.