You can’t beat free, and fresh hops are available once a year.  Fresh hops are hops that have never been dried, and are used to brew “wet-hopped” beers. By way of our local breweries Weyerbacher and Fegley’s Brewworks we have found a big pile of accidentally shipped fresh Cascade hops on our Bethlehem store doorstep and they smell great!  They left Washington state on Thursday September 1st and they need a home right away, LIKE TODAY!  They won’t hold up, so here is the deal – show up at our BETHLEHEM store ONLY today and get up to 2 free pounds of fresh Cascade hops.  We won’t be open tomorrow so it’s a one day deal only!  We close at 5PM today so you have 4.5 hours to get FREE & FRESH cascade hops.  For directions see our website:
Questions??? call 610-997-0911