Philly Beer Week is almost upon us once again. While always a showcase for our superior beer scene, us die-hard beer nerds got bored with the same tap takeovers/meet the sales rep/keep the pint nights, etc. Well, we think we have a good one this year. In conjunction with the thriving Keystone Kommunist bloc, we are throwing a – you guessed it – Kommunist Party. We are inviting everyone to come lift pints of our specially brewed beer while singing the songs of our struggles. Our “KGB” beer, brewed with Kent Goldings and Bullion hops, will make us forget about the powerful breweries who water down our national drink and shove it down our throats. We will also have two fun games taking place during the Kommunist Party. “Pin the Mustache on Stalin” and “Name that Communist!” will lift our spirits while enjoying anthems of the motherland. We will also be handing out a custom hop blend created by the secret wing of the Kommunist party, the GPHS (Guardians of the People’s Hop Supply). This will be done in the fairest fashion, via a “hop line”, reminiscent of a Soviet-era bread line. So be sure to line up early, as we will not have enough for everyone. We will also offer a discount on any purchase all night for anyone who dresses up like their favorite Communist leader/personality, wears Soviet-era garb, or anything red.

At 10:00pm though, the Wall comes down and our Western foes will turn this place back into a Capitalist paradise. And unlike those Capitalist beer week shenanigans, this event is completely free!