You like cans? We like cans! Now you can package your beer and wine in cans just in time for summer! On Saturday, July 27 Keystone Bethlehem will be hosting the We Can Mobile Canning Crew for your canning and can related enjoyment. “Cans?” you say? Yup, those 12 oz aluminum cylindrical beauties that are at home at the beach or the park. Through the miracle of technology you will be able to have your beer or wine packaged in the most protective container known. Cans are much lighter than glass bottles, keep sunlight out, and can go places bottles can’t. And don’t worry about that “beer can taste” nonsense! These cans come straight from Ball, those people who know a thing or two about packaging food products.

The beer or wine will need a little bit of special handling to make sure you get the most cans for your buck. It must be delivered to our Bethlehem store in a 5 gallon Cornelius keg. If you don’t have one, you can “rent” one from us for $10 – just purchase it in advance ($54.95), take it home and fill it, and when you return it to us we’ll refund you $44.95. The beer should be carbonated or primed ahead of time (not necessary for wine, of course). If you can’t be here on the day of the event, you can drop off the keg at our Bethlehem store any time between now and July 27.

The cost for the canning service will be $40 per 5 gallons, which includes the cans, six pack holders, and the case trays. You also will get to see your beverage get canned, which is a lot better than seeing yourself get canned. And perhaps the best news – it’s all happening during our Bethlehem Grand Opening Celebration, which should be a killer event that you don’t want to miss!