Thursday, June 16, at the Keystone Hops Homebrew Club meeting we held the first round of judging for the Brewer’s Brawl! There were 25 excellent entries, although only the top 10 highest voted beers got to move the next round at the Lansdale Beer Tasting Festival on June 25th! Congratulations to all winners of the first round!

1. Ryan Seiz – Bavarian Weiss
2. Tony Zedar – Vanilla Oatmeal Stout
3. Doug Dinwoodle – Hoppy Summer Wheat
4. Andy Speck – Peach IPA
5. Doug Johnson – IPA
6. Andrew Banks – IPA
7. Tim Caum – Black Imperial IPA
8. David Taxter & Chad Evar – New England IPA
9. John Allen – Peach Wit
10. Jeff Coleman – Sour