Cryo Hops® represent the most innovative hop product technology available. Utilizing industry-leading cryogenic processing, whole-leaf hops are separated into lupulin and bract at extremely low temperatures. LupuLN2® is the concentrated lupulin glands of whole hop cones containing sensitive resins and aromatic oils. LupuLN2® hop pellets offer twice the resin content of traditional T90 pellets and should be dosed at half the weight – the perfect addition for any juicy and resinous, hop-forward recipe.

This is a hot new product for the industry, and initial supplies will probably struggle to keep up with demand. We expect our first shipment to arrive in early to mid July. Pre-order today, and be one of the first to experience this amazing new weapon in never-ending the battle for IPA supremacy!

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Cryo Hops (1 oz Pellets)

Cascade   $3.99                   Qty
Citra   $5.25 Qty
Ekuanot   $4.99 Qty
Mosaic   $5.25 Qty
Simcoe   $5.25 Qty

Note: Supplies may be limited. We will contact you if there are any issues fulfilling your order.


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