Beer Info

Basic Brewing Equipment

To brew your first batch of beer you’ll need several inexpensive gadgets. We supply everything you’ll need in our True Brew Equipment Kit , which includes: Primary fermenter, 6.5 gal., food grade… [ read more ]

Brewing Methods

There are three basic ways to make beer at home, all extract brewing, extract with specialty grains & fresh hops brewing, and all-grain brewing. EXTRACT BREWING (Detailed Directions) Most beginners start off… [ read more ]

Beer Judge Certification Program

Become a certified beer judge! Our Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) study sessions will help you prepare for the challenging BJCP exam, which will be held on March 10, 2015. There is… [ read more ]

Beer- & Wine-Making Classes

Over the next two months we have several introductory brewing classes scheduled to help you get started in the hobby with confidence, and advanced classes if you’re looking to enhance your skills.… [ read more ]

Brewing Classes

Keystone Homebrew offers three brewing classes, one for first-time brewers, one for intermediate-level brewers, and an all-grain brewing class (coming again soon). Each class will be limited to 20 participants. Please call… [ read more ]

The Various Forms of Hops

by Al Folsom When buying hops for their next beer, homebrewers are often confused by the forms in which they are found. At Keystone Homebrew, we carry hops as whole (sometimes mistakenly… [ read more ]

Secondary Fermentation, Pros and Cons

by Al Folsom When we start new brewers off at Keystone, the process includes fermenting the beer in a plastic bucket, siphoning (racking) to the bottling bucket, and bottling. The process is… [ read more ]