Homebrew Recipes

Abbey Pale Ale

A nod to the pale beers Trappist monks brew for sale at their monastery, or for consumption by the monks during times of fasting. Strong yet balanced, potent yet potable, this Belgian… [ read more ]

Amber Ale

Born in the microbreweries of America, this hybrid of English and German ales is extremely popular. The addition of a dark crystal malt rewards the brewer with a rich amber hue and… [ read more ]

American Barley Wine

This American-style barley wine is strong, rich, and moderately bitter. With 50% more malt extract than our average beer kit, this barley wine features complex malt flavors, assertive hop character and the… [ read more ]

American Brown Ale

American Brown Ale is hoppier and more robust than its English predecessor with a cleaner finish. The darker kilned malts give this medium-bodied ale a ruddy brown hue, sweet maltiness, and a… [ read more ]

American IPA

If you are passionate about hops, you understand why our American IPA is a homebrewed favorite. Our recipe combines some of the best citrusy American hops with some crystal and aromatic malts… [ read more ]

American Lager

America’s most-popular beer style is pale, clean, and thirst quenching. Ours uses European malt and hops for a superior light lager, but stays true to style featuring crisp drinkability with just a… [ read more ]

American Pale Ale

American pale ale is arguably the quintessential microbrew. On tap at nearly every brew house in America, pale ale is the hoppier, fuller-bodied, and maltier cousin of domestic lager. Our pale ale… [ read more ]

American Stout

Inspired by the stouts of Ireland and the UK, the American Stout delivers much of the same delicious roastiness. The addition of a healthy portion of chocolate malt, along with some darker… [ read more ]

Apple Brandy Barrel Triple IPA

This monster of an IPA was brewed during our annual Barrel Brew at our Montgomeryville store on October 29, 2011 and fermented on site for a month in Apple Brandy barrels. The… [ read more ]

Baltic Porter

A traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea, this style was derived from English porters, but influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts. Exhibiting the malt flavors reminiscent of an English brown porter… [ read more ]