Chilean Grapes & Juice

NEW for 2017!
We are offering premium, single vineyard Chilean grapes from select blocks within the Apalta, Alto Maipo, Aconcagua, and Leyda Valleys. We’re taking orders by varietal; we’ll have specific information about which vineyards they are coming from in the next few days. In the meantime, you can click the following links to learn more about the various vineyards we are working with, or check out the harvest statistics for the 2017 grapes. Just keep in mind that we’ll be getting each of the varietals from one of the vineyards listed, but not necessarily more than one.

Chile produces consistently high-quality wine grapes thanks to very reliable weather that rarely produces spring frosts or harvest rains. The sunny climate, tempered by the Pacific to the west and the Andes to the east, promotes sweet fruit and ripe tannins. Carménère, perhaps Chile’s signature red wine, exhibits vibrant flavors of green peppers, dark chocolate, and ripe berries. It produces terrific varietal wines, and is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. While many of the other varieties of grapes and juice listed below are also available from California in the fall, the change of terroir can deliver distinctive character.

The grapes are carefully packed into 18 pound lugs, loaded into refrigerated ocean containers, and then shipped up the west coast of South America, through the Panama Canal and up to us here on the east coast. They will be available in both Bethlehem and Montgomeryville. We often to sell out of some varieties before the shipments arrive, so please reserve in advance to secure your order. We will need a deposit of $10 per lug of grapes, and $20 per bucket of juice. After you’ve placed your order, please call our store to provide payment information for the deposit.

We offer the following volume discounts on qualifying orders:

10 or more boxes:     $1 off each box
50 or more boxes:     $2 off each box
100 or more boxes:     $3 off each box

8 or more buckets:     $2 off each bucket
40 or more buckets:     $4 off each bucket
80 or more buckets:     $6 off each bucket

Order Form:

Pickup Location:  Montgomeryville Bethlehem


Cabernet Franc, Apalta, Alto Maipo $30.95 Qty
Cabernet Sauvignon, Apalta, Alto Maipo $31.95 Qty
Carmenere, Apalta, Alto Maipo $31.95 Qty
Malbec, Apalta, Alto Maipo $31.95 Qty
Pinot Noir, Leyda $31.95 Qty
Syrah, Aconcagua $30.95 Qty


Cabernet Franc $27.95 Qty
Cabernet Sauvignon $27.95 Qty
Carmenere $28.95 Qty
Malbec $28.95 Qty
Merlot $27.95 Qty
Petit Verdot $28.95 Qty

Juice available for two shipments. Please make a selection below.

Shipment:  Two - Limited Quantities Available Now

RED JUICE (6 gallons)

Barbera $48.95 Qty
Cabernet Franc $49.95 Qty
Cabernet Sauvignon $51.95 Qty
Carmenere $51.95 Qty
Malbec $51.95 Qty
Merlot $49.95 Qty
Petite Sirah $50.95 Qty
Pinot Noir $51.95 Qty
Sangiovese $49.95 Qty
Syrah $49.95 Qty
Zinfandel $52.95 Qty

WHITE JUICE (6 gallons)

Chardonnay $48.95 Qty
Gewurztraminer $47.95 Qty
Moscatel Alejandria $48.95 Qty
Pinot Grigio $49.95 Qty
Riesling $47.95 Qty
Sauvignon Blanc $47.95 Qty
Viognier $46.95 Qty


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