Customer Rewards Program

Keystone Homebrew Supply wants to reward you for being a loyal customer!

How it Works:

1. Buy stuff from Keystone Homebrew Supply.
2. Earn Reward Points – typically 1 Point for every dollar spent.
3. Accumulate at least 200 Points, and use them to buy more stuff from Keystone Homebrew Supply! (200 pts = $10)

How do I use points online?

Great question. When you check out, just leave us a note “I’d like to use my points”.  We’ll apply all available points to your order and adjust your balance due accordingly, before we complete your order.

Are there Restrictions?

You’ll earn Reward Points on virtually every purchase you make here at Keystone, with the following considerations:
1. Purchases of fresh grapes and grape juice will earn 1 point for every $2 spent, instead of the normal 1 point per dollar.
2. Commercial accounts will not be eligible to earn Reward Points.
3. You can’t earn or use Points in connection with special offers or discounts, except for your homebrew club discount.
4. Points can be used for up to 50% of any purchase.
5. You won’t earn points when you purchase stuff from other homebrew stores, dive bars, hot dog stands, cosmetics kiosks, or tattoo parlors. Or other businesses not named Keystone Homebrew Supply.


Points expire one year after they are earned.