Employment Application

We evaluate candidates for employment based on many factors, including general knowledge of brewing and/or winemaking. You do not need decades of experience or a degree in fermentation science to provide great customer service, but sound advice is one of the most important things we offer our customers. Keystone employees are offered on-the-job training, classes and a variety of other learning opportunities. We will use the following brief quiz (along with your resume) as a starting point to assess your level of interest and involvement in the hobby to date.

Store Location:  Montgomeryville Bethlehem
Availability (Hours per Week):  10 to 20  20 to 25  25 to 35 35 to 40+
# of Batches of Beers Brewed:  None 1 to 5  5 to 20  More than 20
# of Batches of Wines Made:  None 1 to 5  5 to 20  More than 20
Attach a Resume:
1. List the 4 basic ingredients of beer with a short description of what each one represents.

2. What determines the alcoholic strength of wine?

3. What is the leading cause of spoiled homemade wine or beer? How can it be avoided?

4. If a customer thinks his beer or wine is not fermenting, what questions (give 3) would you ask? Also list the reason for asking each of the questions.

5. If a customer is buying 2 items and each one sells for $10.00, one of the items is taxable (PA tax is 6%) and the other is not, how much change would they receive if they gave you a $50 dollar bill? How much change if they also received a 10% discount off the entire ticket? Remember: if the change is wrong, the customer may get angry, rant loudly about your incompetence, storm out and never return!

6. Why do you want to work for Keystone Homebrew Supply?