Premium Fresh Grapes & White Juice

For the 2015 harvest, we are bringing in grapes & juice from two premier West Coast growing regions: Lake County, California and Washington State. Supplies are limited for all of our premium grapes & juice, so be sure to reserve early. We’ll need a deposit ($10 per lug, $250 per 1/4 ton bin, $500 per 1/2 ton bin for grapes, $5 per gallon of juice*) at the time of your order. Expect these grapes to be harvested and shipped to us on independent timetables, as they ripen. They generally arrive several weeks later than Central Valley grapes. NOTE: Washington grapes arrive in 35 pound lugs, compared with 36 pounds for most other sources.

Lake County is the agriculturally rich area surrounding Clear Lake – California’s largest lake – and is part of the prestigious North Coast AVA. Red grapes from the region tend to produce powerful, expressive red wines. Our Lake County grapes are available in small lots and sold exclusively through Keystone Homebrew Supply.

Washington State grapes benefit from lots of sun (more than California grapes, in fact!), but the cool temperatures mean that the grapes maintain good acidity through harvest. This results in unique and exciting wines, with terrific balance and elegance.

*When picking up juice ordered by the gallon you will need to provide a fermentor(s) to bring your juice home in (i.e. 6 gallon bucket, gallon jugs, etc.)

Our premium grapes & juice will be available in both Montgomeryville & Bethlehem!

Check below for available varieties and pricing, then click here to reserve your grapes and juice today!


    Lake County Grape Prices                Washington Grape Prices

Variety & Amount

PriceS TBD (2014 Shown)

Red Hills Cabernet Sauvignon – 36 lb Lug
Red Hills Cabernet Sauvignon – 1/2-ton* $1.82
Syrah – 36 lb. Lug $55.95
Syrah – 1/2-ton Bin* $1.36
Zinfandel – 36 lb. Lug $55.95
Zinfandel – 1/2-ton Bin* $1.36

Variety & Amount

2015 Price

Cabernet Sauvignon – 35 lb. Lug $67.50
Cabernet Sauvignon – 1/4-ton Bin** $1.46/lb
Carmenere – 35 lb. Lug $67.50
Carmenere – 1/4-ton Bin** $1.46/lb
Merlot – 35 lb. Lug $67.50
Merlot – 1/4-ton Bin** $1.46/lb
Petit Verdot – 35 lb. Lug $67.50
Petit Verdot – 1/4-ton Bin** $1.46/lb
Sangiovese – 35 lb. Lug $67.50
Sangiovese – 1/4-ton Bin** $1.46/lb
Syrah – 35 lb. Lug $67.50
Syrah – 1/4-ton Bin** $1.46/lb










* “1/2 Ton Bins” can range in weight from approximately
700 pounds to 1,000+ pounds.




Washington St. Juice Prices

Variety & Amount

2015 Price

Chardonnay – 1 Gallon* $16.50
Gewurztraminer – 1 Gallon*
Pinot Grigio – 1 Gallon* $16.50
Riesling – 1 Gallon* $16.50
Sauvignon Blanc – 1 Gallon* $16.50
** “1/4 Ton Bins” can vary from around 450 to 550 pounds.







*When picking up juice ordered by the gallon you will need
to provide a fermenter(s) to bring your juice home in
(i.e. 6 gallon bucket, gallon jugs, etc.)