Stone & Key Quarter Barrel Club

Stone & Key Cellars plans to produce six different barrels of premium wines from Washington State AVAs, and this is your chance to get involved. The best news is that by joining the Quarter Barrel Club, you’ll get one case of each of the six premium wines at a fantastic price! Here’s how it works:

The Wines

The four red wines will be single varietals from Washington State’s Yakima Valley: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, and Syrah. They will be aged in American oak barrels. The two white wines will be Chardonnay and Riesling from the Columbia Valley (also Washington State). The Chardonnay will be barrel-aged and made in the classic California style. The Riesling will be aged in stainless steel.

The Fun

Meet up with 23 other winemakers (+ you = 24) to crush, press, sample, and bottle six different wines. Stone & Key Cellars will start by setting crush dates for each wine as soon as the grapes ship from Washington, and announce the dates to the Quarter Barrel Club. As the wine progresses, they’ll announce the dates for pressings, barrel tastings, and bottling events. Each step in the process will be fun and social, and you choose when and whether to participate. Their expert winemakers will lead the charge, ensuring high quality results and allowing you to focus on having fun. You’ll learn about winery operations, while you share a unique experience with new friends. And of course our tasting bar will be open!

The Deal

At the end of all this fun, you’ll get to have even more fun – because you’ll be taking home six cases of superb wines! That’s 6 different varietals, and 72 bottles in all (otherwise known as…a Quarter Barrel). At retail, our Washington State wines will generally be priced between $19 and $25 per bottle plus tax. Quarter Barrel Club members will pay just $13 per bottle plus tax. That means you’ll be saving $6 to $12 per bottle! (The total cost is $936 per Quarter Barrel share. $811 is due at the time of your reservation; the balance of $125 is payable on bottling day.)

I want in!

Participation will be limited to the first 24 people to sign up, and the first of the grapes will be crushed on Saturday, October 18, so don’t wait! If you want in on our first ever Quarter Barrel Club, please fill out the form below and someone from Stone & Key Cellars will contact you to arrange for payment and discuss further details. Please use an email you check regularly, as that will be our primary means of communication with the Club. Questions? Please call 877-FUN-WINE or send an email to





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