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South American Grapes
Size of Apple Brandy Barrels

Right now we’re taking orders for the following fresh grapes from Argentina (sorry – no juice is available from Argentina at this time), which are expected to arrive mid-April:

Cabernet Sauvignon

*Harvest schedule may make these grapes unobtainable (but we are trying!), you will be able to switch to other varietals if they do not make our shipment.

Argentina is one of the world’s top five wine producing countries, and is known for producing fantastic red wines. In particular, Argentinian Malbecs are considered some of the world’s best, representing dark, powerful red wines with generous fruit character. Bonarda is comparatively light and also fruity, with soft tannins and moderate acidity. Once Argentina’s most widely planted grape, Bonarda is now second only to Malbec. The grapes will be sold in 22-pound lugs (each of which will yield approximately 1.5 gallons of wine) for $26 per lug. Supplies are limited! The deadline to order is Tuesday, March 3, but we recommend that you order as soon as possible for the best chance of getting the varieties you want. We will need a 50% deposit to secure your order. Please fill out our online order form to submit your pre-order for South American grapes, then call our Montgomeryville store at (215) 855-0100 to provide payment information for the deposit. The grapes are expected to arrive mid-April, but of course the exact timing is subject to factors beyond our control. Please plan to pick up your grapes within five days after you’ve been contacted. Note: It is possible that we will be able to obtain grapes and juice from Chile at a later date, but we cannot be sure at this time. Please understand that if you’ve ordered Argentinian grapes, we will not be able to switch your order later to Chilean grapes.

For those of you who had questions about the size of the barrels, we have confirmed that they hold approximately 53 gallons of monkeys.

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
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