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Lower Prices on Hops and Beer Kits
New Year-Round and Seasonal Yeast Strains (including Rogue’s Pacman!!)
RQ Wine Kit Preorder Deadline

How does Cascade at $1.49 an ounce sound? Like we turned back time? Actually, we’re just taking advantage of a favorable 2009 harvest. Not all hop prices have changed, but most have fallen dramatically, with some being just half the price they were last year! The savings have carried over to our Keystone beer kits, too. Since we also just got some great new yeast strains in (see below), there has never been a better time to make beer!
Beer Kits:

Wyeast has just shared some exciting news: they are now making three of their best Private Collection strains available year round:
#3711 French Saison: the key to a crisp and incredibly aromatic, spicy, peppery saison
#3763 Roeselare: the perfect blend of cultures for a wonderfully complex Flanders Red Ale or other sour beer
#1450 Denny’s Favorite: a great all-purpose yeast that produces crisp, dry beers, yet accentuates malt and/or fruit character

We have already changed two of our beer kit recipes, our Belgian Saison and our Forget-About-Retirement Sour Ale, to include #3711 and #3763, respectively, since we consider these to be among the premier strains offered by Wyeast. Be sure to check them out! To order online, visit:

The following Wyeast Private Collection strains are available throughout the first quarter:

#1764 Rogue Pacman: Last released in 2006, this was probably the most popular Private Collection strain in the history of the program. It’s an extremely versatile strain from the popular Oregon brewery, with a high alcohol tolerance (12%), good attenuation and little to no diacetyl production. Great for many different styles, it will produce a clear beer with mild fruity esters and a dry mineral finish. Delicious!
#1882 Thames Valley II: yields crisp, dry beers with rich malt character and moderate stone fruit esters
#3655 Belgian Schelde: creates complex, full-bodied beers with classic Belgian aromas and flavors

White Labs has three Platinum strains that will be offered through the end of February:
WLP022 Essex Ale: a flavorful, slightly fruity British yeast with a drier finish than most
WLP038 Manchester Ale: Low ester profile, produces a clean, well balanced English ale
WLP850 Copenhagen Lager: Clean, crisp north European lager yeast that’s great for pilsners, Vienna lagers, and dark lagers

This Saturday, January 30 is the deadline to preorder this dark red wine (which translates as .Trio of Red Wines), an intensely flavorful blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Trincadeira. The bouquet is rich with red berries, anise and black pepper. The palate’s initial fruitiness is well balanced with many layers of complexity. Rich tannins from the American Heavy Toast Oak spiral and Cabernet GenuWine Winery skins help give this wine a long finish. The kit yields 6 gallons and sells for $138.95; volume discounts apply if your order is placed by Saturday. Contact either of our stores with payment information (a $50 deposit is required), or order online:

Ferment on!

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