After two years of heartbreak, the Keystone Hops came back with a vengeance and trounced the LVHB to take the Keystone Cup for the first time. They are savoring the victory, but as with everything annual the clock will start again. Look out, Keystone Hoppers, the War of the Worts is the first leg of the fourth annual Keystone Cup and the LVHBers are already planning their strategies for retaking the cup!

2010 Keystone Cup point results:
179 Keystone Hops
126 Lehigh Valley Homebrewers
41 ALEiens
38 Stoney Creek Homebrewers

Also showing were Bruclear, The Brewing Network, WHALES, GLUB, Upstate NY Homebrewers, NJ HOPZ, HOPS, The Barley Mob, Outta Hand Brews, and Wyoming.Valley Homebrewers. Congratulations to all the clubs for representin’!