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Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

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Last Call for Juice & Grapes
Holy Crap!
Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day
Wine, Cheese & Beer Classes

This is our last call of the season for procrastinating winemakers! Our final shipment of premium grapes from Lake County just arrived, plus we have very limited quantities of extra grapes from Washington State if you act quickly. We also have a few buckets of white juice left from both California and Italy. Call now for pricing and availability.

We just received (like a ½ hour ago) our last shipment from Lake County CA grapes and imagine our surprise to find out we have an extra bin of Syrah. Total weight is 887 pounds and they look great! Usually $1.00 a pound we are authorized to sell them at 0.75 per pound. That’s 60 to 65 gallons of premium wine for $665.25. Premium wine at less than central valley prices!

Saturday, November 6
Don’t forget to join the Lehigh Valley Homebrewers this Saturday for a Big Brew at Chris Becker’s Family Farm (call the Bethlehem store for directions). For your education and viewing entertainment, the club will be brewing a traditional steinbeer using the ancient method of adding superheated rocks to bring the wort to a boil. You can brew your favorite recipe, while sharing homebrews and enjoying lunch from the grill. And of course you can bring a friend, and teach him or her to homebrew! Check out our website and the club’s website for more details about the event:

Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheesemaking Class
Montgomeryville (Studio M Foods)
Wednesday, November 10, 7:00PM
Learn to make your own delicious mozzarella, ricotta and other fresh cheeses in as little as an hour! Our Bethlehem class is already sold out, and there are just a few spots available in our Montgomeryville class, so hurry! Sign up by phone or online; the $60 class fee will be required in advance to reserve your spot. Tasty samples will be served during the class.

The Next Step Brewing Class
Bethlehem (Sun Inn)
Tuesday, November 16, 6:30PM
Learn intermediate brewing techniques in a friendly, engaging class with a live demonstration, and brew your next batch with confidence! This class will cover the use of specialty grains, hop varieties and various yeast strains. Feel free to bring some of your own homebrew if you’d like any feedback. The class fee, $40 per person, must be paid in advance.

Wine Finishing Class
Wednesday, November 17, 7:00PM
This class explores the art of aging and finishing your wine between fermentation and bottling. Topics include malolactic fermentation, clarification, the use of SO2, aging with oak, bench trial testing, and more. If you are an experienced winemakers looking to enhance your results, this is the perfect class for you. Advance payment of $75 will be required to reserve your spot in the class.

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
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