Sent: 9/22/10

Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

The grapes we source from these two regions (described below) receive our strongest recommendation for anyone looking to make premier wines. They have proven to be superior quality grapes, and we constantly hear rave reviews from our customers about the wines they have made. We have also tasted several prime examples at our wine tastings. Perhaps the best evidence, though, is that this year we are taking more orders than ever! Quantities are limited and you cannot buy these grapes anywhere else, so call our Montgomeryville store ASAP to reserve your grapes, or check out the link below. All varieties are available in 36 pound lugs (prices shown below and on our website) and in 1/2 ton bins (prices are listed on our website). A deposit of $10 per lug will be required at the time of your order.

Yakima Valley, Washington State
Wine experts have only recently begun to realize how amazing the climate in the Yakima Valley is for growing wine grapes. The climate is very dry, but not excessively hot. Thanks to the northern latitude, the region actually gets more hours of sun than Napa Valley. The long sunny days promote optimal sugar levels, while the cool nights extend the growing season and enhance the acidity. The Merlot in particular has been spectacular, but all of the grapes develop a complexity that truly sets them apart.

Cabernet Franc $47.00
Cabernet Sauvignon $46.00
Merlot $41.50
Petite Sirah $57.50
Syrah $44.00
Zinfandel $46.00

Lake County, California
These grapes come to us from Jim Smith, who joined us for our Meet the Source event last March and provided samples of some terrific wines. Jim sources the best grapes from this agriculturally rich area surrounding California’s largest lake, which is located in the prestigious North Coast AVA, and officially has the cleanest air in California!

Cabernet Sauvignon $48.00
Merlot $48.00
Sangiovese $55.50
Syrah $48.00

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
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