Sent: 9/25/10

Greetings from Keystone Homebrew!

If you just paid attention to our subject line, you may have missed our last email about olives. Monday is the deadline to order, so if you are interested contact us ASAP!

The fall harvest isn’t just for grapes! We are bringing in a variety of fresh green olives from California for you to cure at home. The process takes some time, but is very simple and the results are fantastic. Here is a sample recipe:

You can customize your olive brine with a blend of your favorite herbs and spices, garlic, peppers and other ingredients, or ask us for alternative recipes. Olives are available in 10 pound bags for $22.50, by pre-order only, and can be picked up at either of our stores. You can select from Sevillano (Jumbo, Colossal, and Super Colossal) and Manzanilla (smaller, also known as Spanish olives). Order by this Monday, September 27:

Ferment on!

Jason Harris
Keystone Homebrew Supply
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