Once again we are planning a Beer Judge Certification Program study session and exam. This year’s classes will be run a little differently from classes in the recent past. This year’s educational director will be Andy Hejl, a Master beer judge in the BJCP. We will have the off-flavor training class and also continue to offer a wide selection of classic style beers for future judges to experience. Another new aspect of the class will be a weekly quiz for students interested in taking the exam. The quiz will be based on a previously discussed topic or style and will be chosen from the same bank of questions that the exam will be made up from. The BJCP
has allotted only 12 spots for test-takers, which will be reserved for highest quiz-scoring students who are interested in taking the exam. Any remaining slots (if there are not 12 people interested in the class) will be awarded to anyone who judges at this year’s War of the Worts, and by lottery if necessary. Because of the effort required to grade the quizzes, there will be two prices for the class: Potential examinees at $200 a slot and $150 for just the class. Classes will take place on Monday evenings starting at 7 P.M. (All the Mondays in January and on February 7, 13 [Sunday daytime], and 21.) The exam will either be on March 1, or February 28.
Location TBD. Sign-ups and questions concerning the class and exam should be sent to bjcp@keystonehomebrew.com.