If you like WINE don’t miss this event.


Wednesday, November 2, 7:15PM
Reserve your seat now!

Maybe you are tired of hearing us talk, email and post about this event whether its called “Talk with Tim,” Winexpert’s Wine Expert” or “2011 Limited Edition Seminar” but we think this event is so great we wanted to remind you one last time before it is too late.

Highlights of tomorrow’s event:

1. It’s FREE
2. 5 wines to try
3. 5 tasty bites selected to pair with the wines
4. Entertaining & educational talk by Tim Vandergrift
5. Door prizes
6. It’s FREE

Tim Vandergrift, a legend in his own mind and on the internet and in magazines and in the world lecture circuit, will be here in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania at Keystone Homebrew Supply for your exclusive entertainment tomorrow night (Wednesday 11/2).   He will explain everything you have ever wanted to know about wine kits and will highlight this year’s Limited Edition series. There will be numerous prizes given out.  Feel free to test Tim with the most baffling wine making situation or result and we will reward said person, if one in fact exists, who stumps Tim with a Winexpert wine kit.

We don’t get to offer this event every year so don’t plan on coming next year.

And remember seats are limited, so sign up online or wear comfortable shoes!