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Montgomeryville: Friday, October 14, 5:30-8:30PM
As usual, this wine tasting in Montgomeryville is free and open to everyone, and of course we’ll hand out $5 coupons to everyone who brings a bottle of their wine to share. This month, there are a few exciting additions. Our cheese whiz, Joshua Gaul, will be bringing samples of his fantastic homemade cheeses, and can help you learn to make your own at home too (see below for details about his Goat Cheese class).  We will also be serving a variety of delicious artisan chocolates crafted specifically to be paired with different varietal wines. Find out what pairs best with your wines!

These two classes are for anyone who loves wine and wants to learn more about drinking it:

Montgomeryville: Sunday, October 16, 1:00PM
Our friend Michele Heaton will lead you through a insightful tasting of a series of Ancient Vine Grenache wines from Australia, Spain and France. Older vines tend to produce less fruit, concentrating flavors in the grapes that remain, resulting in a richer, more complex and robust wine. Tasting these wines in a series, all produced from ancient Grenache vines, should make for a unique and exciting experience! Light snacks will be provided. $50 per person; sign up in advance:

Montgomeryville: Tuesday, October 18, 6:30 PM
Our friends Robert Peters and Rich Unti, veteran wine instructors from the Main Line and, are returning to Keystone Homebrew to guide us (and you!) through an exploration of Italy’s wonderfully diverse world of wine. One of the most densely planted countries in the world, Italy competes with France for the right to claim the highest wine production each year, and boasts some of the most highly respected wines, too. Italian wines are often named for the region where the grapes are grown, and the diversity can be intimidating when you’re standing in front of a display at the state store. Robert and Rich will break it all down for you, and will give you a new appreciation for Italian wines. With our fresh Italian juice coming in this week, and frozen DOCG grapes (from Vino Superiore) arriving in early November, the timing is perfect! $50 per person.

Montgomeryville: Thursday, October 20, 7:00PM
Last month the Keystone Hops had 14 entries for an informal Belgian Pale Ale competition. Everyone got to judge, and the event was a lot of fun. This month the competition will feature “Fall spices” (open to interpretation). Everyone is welcome to compete (if you have any homebrew with fall spices!), or to come and judge the entries, or just to come and enjoy some great beers with fellow homebrewers. If you’d like to compete, please fill out this online form before the meeting:

Keystone Hops Club Competition Entry Form

Montgomeryville: Sunday, October 23, 10:00AM
This class will demonstrate how to make feta, chevre, and other traditional goat cheeses using raw goat’s milk and a starter culture. Next week we will be taking pre-orders for goat’s milk (optional) from M&B Farview Farm, which will be available for pickup the day of the class. This class costs $65 per person and lasts about 3½ hours.

Montgomeryville: Saturday, October 29
Join us for a great time in Montgomeryville on Saturday, October 29. We will have a picnic on the lawn behind our store, open to all of our customers, with complimentary hot dogs, burgers, and lots of great homebrew. Of course you will also have a chance to ply your craft alongside other homebrewing revolutionaries, creating wort for a one-month primary fermentation in either a Bourbon Barrel (Strong Scotch Ale) or an Apple Brandy Barrel (Triple IPA). Whether you love barrel-aged craft beers, or the idea of brewing together with other members of the homebrewing community, don’t miss it – this is one of our favorite events of the year! Check out our website for details and to sign up:

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