Every year, Winexpert seeks out premier vineyards from around the world with limited production of very high quality grapes, and uses these grapes to create unique and wonderful wines for their Limited Edition wine kit program. These kits will become available in a given month in early 2013, but we recommend ordering in advance to secure the ones you want, and to qualify for great bonus giveaways (see our online order form for details). Please join us on Tuesday, November 27 for a wine tasting special presentation about these wine kits with Winexpert’s technical manager, Tim Vandegrift.

Argentine Malbec Bonarda – January 2013

The Region: Nestled in the Andes Mountains in western Argentina, the vineyards of San Juan get brilliant sunshine and little rain in their high desert location. The icy mountain runoff from the Andean snow pack waters the fine loamy soil to produce intensely flavorful grapes.

The Wine: This Malbec-dominated blend exudes the new world southern hemisphere style of wine: deep reddish purple with aromas of dark fruit, black currants and plums. Sweet fruit rushes the palate at first sip, rolling into drier notes of blackberry and anise before a lingering tannic finish with hints of black pepper.

BODY: Medium Full

ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Argentine Torrontés – January 2013

The Region: Surrounded by mountain ranges, an average height of 1,700m above sea level, grapes grown in the Cafayate valley benefit from more than 300 sunny days a year and low-humidity, mild weather.

The Wine: Enticing aromas of peach, orange, and fresh flowers pull you in to a lushly structured wine with vibrant acidity and plenty of body for a wine that shows such delicate flavors.  Fruity and floral, the wine is still surprisingly dry, making it a perfect aperitif or after dinner drink.

BODY: Medium

ALCOHOL: 12.5%

Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon – February 2013

The Region: The Vinho Mountains of Northern Portugal overlook the broad, stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, capturing both the heat of the continent and the gentle, cool breezes that pass over them. Here, Aragones reaches its full potential at a high degree of maturity, delivering deep, intense grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon also thrives here, delivering surprisingly classic character.

The Wine: Mulberry, black currants, cedar – and in time, hints of rockrose and spice – frame the aromatic profile of this vibrant Portuguese blend. Raspberry, blackberry and plum play on the tongue while hints of tobacco compete with subtle notes of cedar, vanilla, and toast. Brilliant with sharp cheeses, this  is also an excellent standalone sipper.

BODY: Medium

ALCOHOL: 13.5%

Washington Riesling Chenin Blanc – March 2013

The Region: This  wine comes out of sandy-loam soil that runs down an extremely long south slope, ending in a drop to the Yakima river that allows for perfect air drainage. Hot, late-season sunshine and cool, breezy nights combine to make balanced, flavorful grapes.

The Wine: Riesling delivers boldly classic notes of apple and stone fruit, while Chenin Blanc lends more subtle hints of melon and honey. Savor tastes of apricot, peach, green apple, quince and honey. Juicy, thirst-quenching, and delicious, this is an excellent food wine that begs to be paired with elegant finger foods.

BODY: Medium


Italian Nebbiolo with Grape Skins – April 2013

The Region: From The Ghiardello Vineyard in Reggio Emilia, in the foothills of the DOC Colli di Scandiano, Nebbiolo is a late ripener and produces wine of excellent acidity and high tannins.

The Wine: Revel in the robust complexity of the incomparable Nebbiolo. A wine of rare subtlety, it is big, strapping, and redolent with aromas of tar and roses, chocolate, licorice, and rich, spicy fruit.  Hints of cherries, violets, and truffles play on the tongue giving long-lasting flavor and a rich, chewy finish.

BODY: Full



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