To all of our wonderful winemakers waiting anxiously for that first grape and juice shipment to hit our brand new loading dock, the long weekend ahead of us will offer many of you the perfect opportunity to dust off your fermenters. If you’ve been lacking the motivation, we have an update that may get the juices flowing (pun intended).

We just received some fresh photos of a few of our premium offerings from Martha, our marvelous grape broker in the Yakima Valley (for those of you who are unfamiliar, that’s in Washington). Judging from the pics, this year’s crop of Washington state grapes looks gorgeous! We have been offering these extraordinary grapes for five straight years now, and with all of the awesome feedback we have received from customers, we are thrilled to be bringing them back again in 2013. If you haven’t tried them yet, these premium grapes are harvested on independent timetables, as they ripen, ensuring that they will  produce unique and wonderfully complex wines, whether you ferment a single varietal on it’s own, or use multiple varietals together in complementary blends.

Check it…

Cabernet Sauvignon


Sangiovese Vines

Merlot Vines