This Saturday, November 5…

We’re celebrating Learn to Homebrew Day! If you’re new to homebrewing, or looking to learn a little more about the hobby, this is a great day to visit one of our stores. We’ll have free brewing demos at both stores, not to mention magazine giveaways and homebrew samples! If you know someone who is considering taking the plunge into homebrewing, be sure to bring them along. If they start making their own beer, they might stop drinking all of yours, and besides – they could save you money through our Customer Referral Program!

Join Us in Bethlehem for free demonstrations:

11:00 – 3:00  All-Grain Brewing
11:00 – 3:00  Extract Brewing
11:30  Making a Yeast Starter
12:00  Making Hard Cider
12:30  Filtering Your Beer/Wine
1:00  Kegging Your Brew
1:45  Using a Hydrometer and Refractometer
2:00  Oxygenating your Beer with Pure O2

Or Come SEE WHAT’S BREWING AT our Montgomeryville Store:

11:00  Extract Brewing: Winter Warmer
2:30  All Grain Brewing with the Grainfather: New England Style IPA