A Guide to All-In-One Breweries

All-In-One brewing has come a long way in the past few years. Now, more than ever, all-in-one electric homebrew systems offer a convenient, controlled, compact and cost effective approach to all grain brewing.

What is an all-in-one system? Simply put, it’s an electric boil kettle outfitted with an internal grain pipe (and in some cases a circulation system) which allows brewers to mash and boil in the same vessel. Some systems come with wort chillers and programmable controllers to give you a high quality and consistent batch every time!

Let’s look at the “guts” of an all-in-one brewery…


BOILER: The body of the brewery. All-in-One systems allow users to mash and boil in the same kettle for a convenient and compact brew day. The ANVIL FOUNDY is equipped with an insulated outer wall to reduce heating times and improve temperature consistency across the unit.

LID: This cover is handy in helping the unit heat up quickly an evenly during the mash, but the ANVIL FOUNDY lids can also readily accept the STILL SPIRITS TURBO 500 distillation column! THE GRAINFATHER can be upgraded with these SPECIAL LIDS and the BREWER’S EDGE MASH & BOIL can be upgraded with these SPECIAL LIDS in order to add the condenser.

GRAIN PIPE: This internal chamber holds crushed grains during the mash. The entire chamber can be lifted out and “hung” on the top of the boil kettle for easy draining and sparging. The ANVIL FOUNDRY boasts an improved mesh base on the grain pipe to increase flow during recirculated mashes.

CONTROLLER: The brain of the brewing system. Controllers monitor mash/wort temperature, allowing users to manage mashing steps, boil duration, and even control pumps/circulation systems. THE GRAINFATHER comes with a sophisticated “smart” controller that can connect to Bluetooth devices like your phone!

PUMP: Some all-in-one breweries are equipped with a circulation pump that greatly improves mash efficiency. Pumps are standard equipment on THE GRAINFATHER, and optional on the BREWER’S EDGE MASH & BOIL. The ANVIL FOUNDY has an optional outboard pump, meaning it is not built into the body of the brewery.

HEATING ELEMENT: Most all-in-one systems in the USA run on 120V domestic current, meaning you can set up shop almost anywhere at home, but the ANVIL FOUNDRY can be easily converted to accept 240V power supplies, significantly reducing the time it takes for the brewery to reach target temperatures.

WORT CHILLER: These come in many shapes and sizes, but THE GRAINFATHER offers a counter flow chiller as standard equipment.


The Grainfather W/Connect Controller & Counter Flow Chiller

Brewer’s Edge Mash & Boil W/Pump

Anvil Foundry 6.5gal

Anvil Foundry 10.5gal

Anvil Foundry Pump Kit

Anvil Foundry 10.5gal W/Pump

Anvil Foundry 6.5gal W/Pump

Turbo 500 Distillation Column