Authentic Italian Grape Juice

FALL 2016 Harvest

Italy is one of the two most prolific wine producing countries in the world, sparring with France for the top spot from one year to the next. From classic Chianti to the mighty Barolo or a slightly sweet, sparkling Moscato, Italy produces some of the world’s most renowned and popular wines. Although you can make Italian style wines from domestically grown grapes or juice, you need to source authentic Italian fruit if you want to capture the true character of the wines. All of the juices listed on the form below are imported from Italy, and have proven to yield high quality wines with rave reviews from our customers. We also recommend that you check out our premium Italian offerings from Vino Superiore, and our other fresh grapes and juice from the Fall Harvest on the pages below:

L’uva Bella Grape Juice

Premium Grapes and Juice from Lake County CA, Paso Robles CA, and Washington State

Central Valley Grapes & Juice

Our Italian juice will be available in Montgomeryville & Bethlehem. Please take care in selecting which store you want to pick up from as it is unlikely that we will be able to shift inventory between stores in the event of an error. We may sell out of some varieties before the shipments arrive, so you should reserve in advance to get what you want.


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Italian Grape Juice - Red (6 gallons)

Amarone $56.95   $45.56 Qty   SOLD OUT
Barbera $55.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Barolo $56.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Brunello $56.95   $45.56 Qty   SOLD OUT
Cabernet Sauvignon     $57.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Chianti $56.95   $45.56 Qty   SOLD OUT
Dolcetto $55.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Lambrusco $56.95   $45.56 Qty   SOLD OUT
Malvasia $54.95   $43.96 Qty   SOLD OUT
Merlot $57.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Montepulciano $57.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Nebbiolo $56.95   $45.56 Qty   SOLD OUT
Sangiovese $56.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Valpolicella $55.95   $44.76 Qty   SOLD OUT

Italian Grape Juice - White (6 gallons)

Frascati $54.95   $43.96 Qty   SOLD OUT
Pinot Grigio $56.95   $45.56 Qty   SOLD OUT
Soave Classico                 $54.95   $43.96 Qty   SOLD OUT
Trebbiano $54.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Vermentino $54.95   $43.96 Qty   SOLD OUT



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