Montgomeryville Barrel Brew – Fall 2012

Join us for a great time at our Montgomeryville store on Saturday, October 27. We will have a picnic, open to all of our customers (whether you brew or not), with complimentary food and local microbrews, along with homebrews of course! You will also have a chance to ply your craft alongside other homebrewing fanatics, creating wort for a one-month primary fermentation in a barrel. Whether you love barrel-aged craft beers, or the idea of brewing together with other members of the homebrewing community, don’t miss it – this is one of our favorite events of the year!


1. We supply the recipes; you buy the ingredients and bring your own equipment, including a propane burner.

2. Plan to pick up their ingredients at least a day before the brew.

3. Montgomeryville brewers: you can start brewing as early as you like (the store will open at 9AM); all-grain brewers must mash in by 11AM.

4. There is a barrel participation fee of $3.00 per gallon.

5. Expect a 10 percent loss of volume from sediment.

6. Be prepared to drop off your sanitized and volume-calibrated fermentors at our Montgomeryville store Sunday, November 18. Your beer will be ready for pickup on Saturday, November 24. Please plan to retrieve your beer within 5 days.

Montgomeryville brewers: please fill out the form below (the form is not to order ingredients; it is just to give us a headcount). Thanks!

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