Mead & Cider Info

How to Make Mead

DIRECTIONS: In a pot combine honey and 1½ gallons of water. Slowly increase heat until the honey dissolves, then raise the temperature of the mixture to 170F. Steep at this temperature for… [ read more ]

Notes on Hard Cider Making

Add the cider to a primary fermenter with plenty of head space (don’t fill more than ¾ full). We recommend that you add ¼ teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite per 5 gallons of… [ read more ]

Fresh Cider from Solebury Orchards

The January blend has arrived! We have few extras that you can order online. You can also check out the mix of of apple varieties for this blend (and our other blends… [ read more ]

Poverty Lane Cider Is Here!

We have fresh, unpasteurized apple cider from Poverty Lane Orchards at our Montgomeryville store now. This cider is absolutely sensational, incorporating bittersweet varieties used in traditional English hard ciders. Check out the… [ read more ]

Apple Cider Fermentation Recommendations from Poverty Lane Orchards

1. Add potassium metabisulfite to adjust free SO2 to approximately 30 ppm. 2. Allow the juice to warm to 60º to 70ºF, then pitch Pasteur Champagne yeast at a rate of 0.3… [ read more ]

Mystical Mead

by Jason Harris Did you ever wonder what the first alcoholic beverage was? Chances are it was mead. Revered by the Vikings and sipped by the ancient Greek gods, mead is an… [ read more ]