Central Valley Grapes & Juice

2016 Harvest

As usual, we have a broad variety of fresh grapes and juice from Central Valley, CA that will be available at both the Montgomeryville and Bethlehem. All of our Central Valley offerings are listed in the form on this page, and you can check out these other pages for our additional Fall 2016 harvest offerings:

Italian Grape Juice

L’uva Bella Grape Juice

Premium Grapes and Juice from Lake County CA, Paso Robles CA, and Washington State

Grape & juice prices listed are for the 2016 harvest, but are subject to change at any time unless you have put a deposit down on your order. You can place an order now and pay a deposit to lock in pricing. (If prices go down, you will pay the lower price.) Be sure to place your order in advance as some varieties may sell out before they even arrive. Please take care in selecting which store you want to pick up from as it is unlikely that we will be able to shift inventory between stores in the event of an error.

Order in quantity to receive the following discounts:

Central Valley Grapes:

8+ lugs – $1 off each
50+ lugs – $2 off each
100+ lugs – $3 off each

Central Valley & L’uva Bella Juice:

8+ buckets – $2 off each
40+ buckets – $4 off each
80+ buckets – $6 off each


We offer grape crushing as long as we have grapes in stock ($2 per box for Keystone grapes, $5 per box for grapes sourced elsewhere). Please plan to arrive AT LEAST 1 HOUR PRIOR TO CLOSING TIME if you would like your grapes crushed.

Pickup Location:  Montgomeryville Bethlehem
Desired Pickup Date:  Shipment 4: Oct 8-16

Fresh Red Grapes (36 pound lugs)

Alicante 36lbs       $37.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Barbera 36lbs     $39.95 Qty
Cabernet Franc 36lbs     $46.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Cabernet Sauvignon 36lbs     $45.95 Qty
Grenache 36lbs       $36.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Malbec 36lbs     $45.95 Qty
Merlot 36lbs     $40.95 Qty
Mourvedre 36lbs     $51.95 Qty
Petite Sirah 36lbs     $47.95 Qty
Petit Verdot 36lbs     $44.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Pinot Noir 36lbs       $69.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Sangiovese 36lbs     $41.95 Qty
Syrah 36lbs     $41.95 Qty
Tempranillo 36lbs     $43.95 Qty
Zinfandel, Old Vine     $45.95 Qty

Fresh White Grapes (36 pound lugs)

Muscat Alexandria 36lbs       $31.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Thompson Seedless 36lbs       $31.95 Qty   SOLD OUT

Fresh Red Grape Juice (6 gallons)

Alicante           $60.95 Qty
Barbera           $60.95 Qty
Burgundy           $57.95 Qty
Cabernet Sauvignon           $63.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
NAPA Cabernet Sauvignon           $77.95 Qty
Chianti           $57.95 Qty
Malbec           $57.95 Qty
Merlot           $57.95 Qty
NAPA Merlot           $77.95 Qty
Nebbiolo           $57.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Petite Sirah           $63.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Pinot Noir           $67.95 Qty
Sangiovese           $58.95 Qty
Syrah           $57.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Tempranillo           $57.95 Qty
Zinfandel, Old Vine           $64.95 Qty

Fresh Rose Grape Juice (6 gallons)

Grenache           $56.95 Qty
White Zinfandel           $56.95 Qty

Fresh White Grape Juice (6 gallons)

Chablis     $50.95 Qty
Chardonnay     $57.95 Qty
SONOMA Chardonnay     $72.95 Qty
Chenin Blanc     $50.95 Qty
French Colombard       $50.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Gewurztraminer     $61.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Johannisberg Riesling     $60.95 Qty
Malvasia Bianca     $57.95 Qty
Muscat       $56.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Orange Muscat             $57.95 Qty   SOLD OUT
Pinot Grigio     $60.95 Qty
Sauvignon Blanc     $58.95 Qty
Trebbiano           $61.95 Qty
Viognier     $62.95 Qty



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