Central Valley Grapes & Juice

2017 Harvest

All of our California Central Valley offerings are listed in the form on this page, and you can check out these other pages for our additional Fall 2017 harvest offerings:

Limited Availability, Napa and Sonoma Valley Juices (included on this page)

Italian Grape Juice

L’uva Bella Grape Juice

Premium Grapes and Juice from Lake County CA, Paso Robles CA, and Washington State

Order in quantity to receive the following discounts:

The discounts shown below may not be combined with other special offers or discounts.

Central Valley Grapes:

8+ lugs – $1 off each
50+ lugs – $2 off each
100+ lugs – $3 off each

Central Valley & Italian Juice:

8+ buckets – $2 off each
40+ buckets – $4 off each
80+ buckets – $6 off each

We offer grape crushing as long as we have grapes in stock ($2 per box for Keystone grapes, $0.15 per pound of grapes sourced elsewhere). Please plan to arrive AT LEAST 1 HOUR PRIOR TO CLOSING TIME if you would like your grapes crushed.

Our California grapes and juices will be available in Montgomeryville & Bethlehem. Please take care in selecting which store you want to pick up from as it is unlikely that we will be able to shift inventory between stores in the event of an error. We may sell out of some varieties before the shipments arrive, so you should reserve in advance to get what you want.

Most varieties SOLD OUT for 2017.  Please call your preferred store to check availability.


You will need to submit your pre-order separately.  Buckets of juice from Napa and Sonoma qualify for the same bulk discounts alongside other Central Valley and Italian juices.