Former Keystone Employees

They’re gone, but not forgotten…and still occasionally spotted at Keystone events.

Peter Lyon

Peter left the thankless job of teaching History to middle schoolers to join the glamorous world of home beer and wine making. When he isn’t fermenting or discussing the historical impact of the First Crusade, you can find Peter cleaning his Golden Retriever’s fur off of everything he owns.

Makes: Beer, wine, cheese
Favorite styles of beer to brew: Stouts, Amber Ales, and experimental beers
Craziest concoction: Gin and Tonic Pale Ale, with juniper and lime zest
Brew system: Coleman cooler, propane burner, a 30 qt. pot and a lot of big dreams
Favorite commercial breweries: Brooklyn, Ommegang, Stoudt’s, Pabst
Favorite wines: Malbec, Rioja, Pinot Noir and Port


Al Folsom

Al brewed his first batch of beer in 1978, and has continued off and on (mostly on) since then. He works full-time as a software consultant, but after hanging around Keystone for ten years or so annoying the staff, Jason recently agreed to let him help out occasionally in order to support his homebrew obsession. He is a frequent entrant and judge at local homebrew competitions, and has managed to amass a number of ribbons, mostly through shear quantity of entries.

Makes: Beer, wine, ciders and meads
Favorite style of beer to brew: English dark ales: brown ales, porters, milds, old ales, stouts and so forth.
Craziest concoction: Liquid Fruitcake–orange peel, cinnamon, vanilla, and a bunch of other stuff. Not too bad!
Brew system: Simple Gott coolers, propane cookers, and random gadgets.
Favorite commercial breweries: Brooklyn Brewery, Victory, Ommegang, Cantillon
Favorite wines: Beaujolais, Zinfandel, Chardonnay

Carlos “Chuk” Cacho

When he’s not loafing around at Keystone, Chuk is raising koi fish or making a killer cheese cake. Between cookie and stout binges, Carlos has managed to all but graduate majoring in biology. In May 2006, Carlos will graduate as a biologist.

Makes: Beer
Favorite style of beer to brew: Pale ale, Belgians, stouts
Craziest concoction: 12% ABV quadruppel
Brew system: Extract and Judy’s brew kettle
Favorite commercial breweries:Young’s, Unibroue
Favorite wines: Rioja, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir

Jake Kunkel

After giving up life as a Logistics Manager, Jake decided to either work with fermentables or take a secret identity and be a crime-fighting superhero. After an unfortunate incident with a cape and near strangulation, Jason graciously agreed to let Jake work at Keystone if he promised not to wear tights again. Jake has been dodging the low ceiling beam in the Montgomeryville basement since September, 2006.

Makes: Beer, wine, mead, soda, etc.
Favorite styles to brew: dark ales
Craziest concoction: Sourdough Surprise ESB
Brew system: either the 20-quart on the stovetop, or the 60-quart and converted cooler out on the porch
Favorite commercial breweries: Avery, Pyramid, Guinness, Sam Adams
Favorite wines: Merlot, Pinot Noir

Steve Kowalchuk

Steve had been brewing for over six years before joining Keystone in Bethlehem. He’s a true homebrewer, loving the freedom to toss everything from licorice to ginsing in his beers. But for Steve the best part of making beer is the fun and camaraderie of a group of friends getting together to brew.

Makes: Beer, the crazier the better
Favorite style of beer to brew: Cranberry ginger mead, Belgian trippel
Craziest concoction: Faithful recreation of Papazian’s Goat Scrotum Ale
Brew system: Specialty grain/extract
Favorite commercial breweries: Victory, Stoudt’s, Chimay
Favorite wines: Pinot Noir, Rioja

Joshua Gaul

Joshua has two fridges filled with about 150lbs of gracefully aging homemade cheeses (2-year old Cheddars, Romanos, and Swisses are his most prized). He has been brewing for more than 6 years, and can’t decide whether he prefers making beer or cheese. He enjoys gardening and preserving foods, and feeds his garden spent grains, hops, grape skins, seeds – pretty much everything he can’t get to ferment. He also ferments bread and pickles, and will soon be working on fermented sausages!

Makes: Cheese, beer, wine, cider, mead, soda
Favorite styles of beer to brew:
Belgians, ESBs, German Lagers, all styles
Craziest Concoction: Milk wine
Brew System: Started with a Zapap, now cooler and stove top
Favorite commercial breweries: Prefers to share homebrew
Favorite wines: Any wine that keeps his wife from drinking his beer