Apple Cider Orchards and Blends 2019

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Solebury Orchards

New Hope, Bucks County, PA
From our local apple experts we receive monthly batches of cider blends that include varietals at their peak.

October Blend (2nd Week of October)
November Blend (3rd Week of November)
December Blend (2nd Week of December)
Varietal Cider (TBD November-December)

Past Solebury blends have included:
Honey Crisp (Baking  & Eating) – Crisp like the name and highly coveted.
Stayman Winesap (Baking , Eating & Cider) – Wine like and cinnamon notes.
Gala (Eating & Drying) – Aromatic and sharp.
Empire (Baking , Eating & Cider) – Sweet and versatile.
Sun Crisp (Cider) –  Intense with good acidity.
Golden Delicious (Baking , Eating & Cider) – Honeyed and sweet.
Keepsake (Baking) – Sharp and harvested late.
Fuji (Eating) – Crispy, sweet and aromatic.
Braeburn (Baking , Eating & Cider) – Pear-like and very sharp/sweet.

Fruit Valley

Oswego, New York
The Torrice family has made their mark on the farming community in both New York and Pennsylvania for 30 years. Their specialty has always been nurturing the best apples for the region.

Heirloom Blend (Timing TBD) – A proprietary top-secret blend of heirloom varieties!
Golden Russet (Timing TBD) – (Baking, Eating & Cider) – Versatile varietal that is both gently sweet and tart.

Poverty Lane

Lebanon, New Hampshire
If you love hard cider you’re probably familiar with Farnum Hill.  Steve Wood is to cider what Fritz Maytag of Anchor Steam is to craft beer.  We also offer his new book on home cider making.

Poverty Lane Blend (TBD November)

Past Poverty Lane blends have included:

Dabinett (Cider) – Popular in English and Farnum Hill Blends for its potency and astringency.
Yarlington Mill (Cider) – Traditional cider apple with mild tannins.
Chisel Jersey (Cider) – Bittersweet and astringent.
Ellis Bitter (Cider) – Bittersweet and low-acidity.
Ashton Bitter (Cider) – High sugar and medium tannin.
Ida Red (Baking, Cider) – Tart but mild.
Major (Cider) – Full bittersweet.
Golden Russet (Baking, Eating & Cider) – Versatile varietal that is both gently sweet and tart.
Wickson (Baking, Eating & Cider) – Spicy & Herbal. So acidic it has to be blended for cider making.
Esopus Spitzenberg (Baking, Eating & Cider) – More fruity and flowery than Wickson but just as acidic.