Keystone Brewer of the Year Competition

On Saturday, November 17, come in to one of our stores and help judge our 2nd Annual Keystone Brewer of the Year competition! Keystone employees have been competing all year for the right to represent their respective stores in this final fermentation face-off. This year, two Titans of Brewing, Pat McCabe of Bethlehem and Russ Czaika of Montgomeryville, will go head-to-head in a brewing battle for the ages. Speaking of ages, both of these codgers have been homebrewing since your daddy was in diapers, and have probably forgotten more about the hobby than they ever knew in the first place. They want you to know that when they were your age, they had to siphon their homebrew uphill from the floor to the counter, and they had nothing to sanitize their equipment but their own saliva. They look forward to showing you snowflakes what real homebrew tastes like, each brewing their best version of a good old-fangled Robust Porter. (That’s a vintage style of dark ale from way back when people could actually tolerate lactose, but had the good sense to not put it in their beer.) The beers will be on tap at each of our locations all day Saturday, until the polls close at 7pm (or when the first keg kicks). So come, sample, and make your vote count!

p.s., We’re hearing rumors of a possible dirty campaign, so if you’re into that sort of thing (and who isn’t?), you may want to check our social media pages in the coming days…

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