L’uva Bella California Grape Juice


2016 Season

We anticipate the grape juice from L’uva Bella in California to arrive on or around September 9, which means it will be the first juice of the 2016 season! You’ll see all of our L’uva Bella offerings listed in the form below, but we do get many more varieties of grape juice (and fresh grapes) from other sources as well. You can check out these other pages for our additional Fall 2016 harvest offerings:

Central Valley Grapes & Juice

Italian Grape Juice

Premium Grapes and Juice from Washington Farm Select and Lake County, CA

Pickup Location:  Montgomeryville Bethlehem

L'Uva Bella Grape Juice (6 gallons)

Alicante:     $52.95 Qty
Cabernet Sauvignon           $52.95 Qty
Merlot           $52.95 Qty
Ruby Cabernet           $52.95
Zinfandel           $52.95
Muscat           $51.95 Qty
Thompson Seedless           $51.95 Qty



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