EXCLUSIVE Winemaking Seminar with Daniel Pambianchi



Saturday April 28, 2018 at Keystone Homebrew Supply – Montgomeryville


Learn how to put into practice the many theories on more advanced winemaking and wine analysis towards making greater wines more consistently and flawlessly.


Intermediate and advanced amateur and small-winery winemakers.


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


For information regarding fees, registration and location, please visit Keystone Homebrew Supply’s website at http://www.keystonehomebrew.com/shop/classes/winemaking-classes/winemaking-seminar-pambianchi-04-28-2018.html.


  • A working knowledge of how to make wine and perform basic analyses
  • Basic knowledge of wine chemistry (Brix, alcohol, TA, pH, SO2)


MODULE: Wine Analysis

This module sets the stage for the day’s seminar by looking at a recommended wine analysis schedule. It presents the various test equipment available to winemakers, outlines what tests and how frequently these tests need to be performed, and why testing beyond just Brix, pH and TA is key towards making better wines, consistently.

MODULE: SO2 in Winemaking

This in-depth module explains the chemistry of sulfite and SO2, how to manage and adjust SO2 levels while emphasizing the importance of measuring total SO2 and not just free SO2, and techniques to reduce the use of sulfite. It also ties in the subjects of oxygen and polyphenols and how to account for those in SO2 management. This module demonstrates how to use the Vinmetrica SC-300 to measure free and total SO2 and how to use the WineMaker Magazine Sulfite Calculator to determine required SO2 adjustments.

MODULE: Oxygen and Oxidation Mechanisms

This very important module describes some key oxygen properties, namely, oxygen solubility and consumption, towards gaining an understanding how oxidation occurs in juice and wine. The module discusses how to manage winemaking processes and SO2 levels to minimize the negative effects of oxygen. It also discusses the use of other important antioxidant agents, including ascorbic acid, glutathione, and tannins.

MODULE: Wine Phenolics

This intensive module provides an overview of phenolics in grapes and wines towards gaining a better understanding of the impacts of the various winemaking techniques on phenolic extraction and the resulting wine. It focuses on the chemistry of anthocyanins (color pigments) and tannins, how these interact in wine, and how to manage these substances to create a desired style of wine. Specific types of products and their usage in red winemaking are discussed.

MODULE: Oak Barrels

This module describes barrel kinetics and dynamics towards gaining an understanding how barrel fermentation and barrel aging influence the style of wine. The module describes the differences among barrel fermentation, barrel aging and sur-lie aging, and the use of barrel alternatives, i.e. oak adjuncts. Barrel reuse, reconditioning, preparation, storage and maintenance are also discussed.


By signing up for this seminar:

  1. You will be granted a non-expiring membership into an on-line club where you will have direct access to Daniel Pambianchi to ask any questions on winemaking or to help you resolve a wine problem.
  2. Subject to clearance and approval from border security, you can submit one (1) wine in the first year of membership for a free-of-charge analysis that will include TA, pH, %ABV, free and total SO2, residual sugar, color and hue, and total phenolics, with additional tests available at discounted prices, and a report that synthesizes all the data along with recommendations on corrective actions.
  3. You can purchase signed copies of Daniel Pambianchi’s book “Techniques in Home Winemaking” at more than 20% off the retail price.
  4. Commercial pricing for select in-stock winery-grade equipment.
  5. $1 discount on all Chilean grapes purchases for Spring 2018.  An additional $1 discount will be applied for tier pricing also!


Daniel is an avid and seasoned winemaker both as an amateur and professional having owned and operated for 10 years a small commercial winery in Niagara (Ontario, Canada). He is the author of the bestseller book “Techniques in Home Winemaking” and has served as past Technical Editor and author for WineMaker Magazine. He has lectured at conferences on a range of subjects from wine analysis and chemistry to advanced winemaking techniques. Daniel now provides consulting and analytical lab services to both amateurs and professionals.

Daniel is an active member of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV), the American Wine Society (AWS), and the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO).

For more information, please visit the following links:

Home Winemaking Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/59243558858/

Daniel’s Home Winemaking website at http://www.techniquesinhomewinemaking.com/

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