Malt, hops, yeast and a wonderful array of adjuncts that would make a German brewer blush; We’ve got it all. Pitchable packs and vials of yeast, hops by the ounce or pound, and grains however you like – by the pound, ten pounds, sack, or Recipe Grains (weight in any fraction of a pound and optionally crushed), allow you to easily craft a custom recipe. If you’re not ready to create a recipe from scratch (or if you just don’t feel like it) pick up one of our Keystone Kits and you can rest assured that your getting a high quality, tried and true recipe.

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  • Amarillo® Hop Pellets 8-10% AA, 1 lb

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  • Cascade 1lb Pellets (1)

    Cascade Hop Pellets 4.5-7% AA, 1 lb

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  • Centennial:1lb Pellets (1)

    Centennial Hop Pellets 8-12% AA, 1 lb

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  • Citra 1lb Pellets (1)

    Citra Hop Pellets 10-14%AA, 1 lb

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  • Mosaic Pellets, 11-14%AA, 1 lb

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  • Simcoe 1lb Pellets (1)

    Simcoe Hop Pellets (12-14% AA), 1 lb

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  • Cashmere Hop Pellets 7.7-9.1% AA, 1 lb

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  • Columbus 1lb Pellet (1)

    Columbus Hop Pellets 10-16% AA, 1 lb

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  • CRYO HOPS, LupuLN2 Sabro, 1lb Pellets, 24%AA

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  • UK Kent Goldings:1lb Pellet (1)

    Kent Goldings (UK) Hop Pellets 4-6% AA, 1 lb

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  • Czech Saaz:1lb Pellet (1)

    Saaz (Czech) Hop Pellets 3-4.5%AA, 1lb

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  • Yakima Magnum Hop Pellets (10-15%AA), 1 lb

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