80L Crystal Malt, Briess, 1 lb


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Crystal, or Caramel, 80L malt produces pronounced caramel, slight burnt sugar, raisiny flavors.

Caramel 80 is a medium dark crystal malt with a deep reddish hue and pronounced flavors of dark caramel with hints of raisin. A great caramel malt for many styles (especially red ales), use 3-15% for enhanced body, foam stability, color, and flavor. 80?L

  • Moisture – 4.5
  • Extract – 76%
  • Lovibond – 80
  • Plump – 85%
  • Max usage – 15%

More than 15% can create a raisin flavor.

These grains are pre-packaged and uncrushed. If you’d like your grains crushed, please order RECIPE GRAINS instead:

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