Blichmann HellFire 140,000 BTU Burner


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Blichmann Engineering is at it again overhauling their classic and top of the line burner to make it even better.
New features include:
-140,000 BTU/hr (previously 72,000)
-Dual mode capability; high power mode and high efficiency mode
-Patent Pending clip-on heat shield
-Infinitely adjustable kettle retaining bars
-Same price!

Still has a rust-free stainless steel design with the option for leg extensions. In addition, low flame combustion is clean, wind performance is outstanding, and the heavy stainless construction is built to last a lifetime! For operation on natural gas expect 15% less power and 15% longer heating times due to the lower BTU contelt of natural gas vs. propane.

We also documented that the published BTU of competitive burners varied wildly from actual measured results. And measuring the performance is straightforward: simply run the burner for an hour at full power and measure the weight of the propane used in lb. Then multiply the weight in lb X 21,000 to get the burner rating in BTU/hr. For example. the Bayou Classic has a published rating of 180 KBTU/hr but only measured at 68 KBTU/hr!

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Weight 27.00 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
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