Cider/Apple/Pear TA Accuvin Test Kit, 10 Pack


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The level of titratable acidity is important to know both before and after primary alcoholic fermentation in the production of hard ciders.

The acidity level before fermentation can affect the rate of alcoholic fermentation, the type of flavor components produced, and the likelihood of producing unfavorable flavors.
The acidity level after fermentation affects the overall balance and acceptability of a cider.
The Cider/Apple/Pear Titratable Acidity test kit has a range of 3.6 8.0 g/L as malic acid.

Reasons to use Titratable Acidity tests:
1. Tests can be run without instrumentation, equipment, or the need for delicate manipulations.
2. Monitoring before alcoholic fermentation ensures the blend of apples used will be consistent with the type of cider desired.
3. Monitoring before alcoholic fermentation allows for selection of yeasts appropriate for the desired flavor outcome.
4. Monitoring before malolactic fermentation ensures a proper scheme for malolactic fermentation: no MLF, partial MLF, or complete MLF.
5. Monitoring after alcoholic fermentation ensures avoidance of flabby ciders.
6. Monitoring after alcoholic fermentation ensures proper levels for the style of cider desired: 4.5 – 6.0 g/L for a European style tannic cider, 6.0 – 7.6 g/L for a dry, sparkling cider, higher for a semi-sweet to sweet style cider, and higher still for an ice cider.

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