D-Lactic Acid Accuvin Test Kit, 10 pack


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Lactic acid bacteria are responsible for the malolactic fermentation that occurs in many wines, reducing the wine’s total titratable acidity, softening the wine, producing a broader palate of flavors, and enhancing the wine’s microbiological stability . UNFORTUNATELY, these same bacteria may inhibit primary alcoholic fermentation and can cause lactic taint, biogenic amines, and bitter mousy, or ropy wines. The D -Lactic Acid Test Kit has a range of 30 – 500 mg/L, equivalent to a range of 120 – 2000 mg/L with diluted samples.

1) Tests can be used for both red and white wines, and require NO adjustments or pretreatments. Accuvin has developed a unique membrane, built into each wine test strip, which selectively removes interfering colored anthocyanins without affecting other wine components.
2)_Monitoring for contamination allows the detection of problems when they are small and require less expensive and less extensive intervention.
3) Check must with the D – Lactic Acid test to determine excess contamination.
4) Monitor D-Lactic acid during fermentation to check for growth of unwanted lactic bacteria, especially with sugar present and a STUCK FERMENTATION.
5) Monitor D-Lactic acid throughout MLF to check for growth of unwanted lactic bacteria.
6) Monitor D-Lactic acid during maturation to check for growth of unwanted lactic bacteria.

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