Escali Aqua Liquid Digital Scale, 11 lb


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True Liquid Measuring
The Escali Aqua Digital Liquid Measuring Scale is a multifunctional scale with unique features. Besides weighing in ounces or grams, you can easily measure your recipe ingredients in fluid ounces and milliliters. All liquids have their own density. With the Escali Aqua scale, you have the option to adjust for varying densities of the liquid you are weighing. This unique feature allows you to get an exact reading regardless of the density of the liquid.

Capacity: The maximum weight the scale will be able to measure : 11 lb or 5000 gram

Measuring units: Pounds/Ounces, Fluid Ounces, Grams and Milliliter

Accurately measures in 0.05 oz or 1 gram

Displays Ounces in fractions (up to 1/16 ounce) or decimals

Adjustment feature for weighing liquid with different densities.
Liquid Density Table

Automatic shut-off The scale will automatically turn off when it is not used for a set time feature ensures long battery life

Tare Feature lets you reset the scale back to zero. When using a container, scale can subtract the containers weight to obtain the weight of its contents feature (Add & Weigh)

Built in kitchen timer, 99 min. 59 sec.

One heavy duty 9V battery included (AC adaptor optional)

Removable Stainless Steel platform

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Weight 2.40 lbs